Jason Pearce is a 25 year veteran of the futures markets. Since 1991, he has been involved full-time in several aspects of the business. He’s played the roles of retail broker and managing director of a brokerage firm, trader, market analyst, newsletter writer/editor and trading systems/algorithms developer.

Inter.Market.Connections (IMC) Blog
I created this blog in order to better crystalize my thoughts by putting them into words. It also gives me an easy way to stay connected with trader friends and old clients that I have had the privilege of knowing for years and even decades. Who knows, the blog might even lead to new connections.

The IMC blog is about the futures markets. But here’s the twist: Rather than just analyzing each market on its own, I focus on the relationships between various futures markets. The goal is to define the market relationships, determine when they have reached unsustainable levels, and then try to identify when an inflection point is reached. The relationships are mostly based on fundamentals, but the timing is based on the ‘technicals’ or the price action.

Good Luck & Good Trading,
Jason Pearce

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