Feeder/Corn Spread: Time to Rollover

Staying the Course

The IMC blog is holding a short position in the March feeder/corn (x4) spread from the equivalent of -$8,487.50 (premium corn).  We’ve been in this position since September 6th and patiently rolling over.  It’s time to do it again.

The spread will be rolled to the April and May contracts.  Based on the current prices, this will end up readjusting our equivalent entry level to somewhere around -$9,700 (premium corn).


Feeders Corn (x4) spread weekly

So is it worthwhile to stay short?  We think so.  As you can see on the weekly timeframe, near-term support is located at last year’s low of -$18,837.50 (premium corn).  A clean break below this level could clear the way for a decline to the 2012 high of -$31,612.50.  Remember the technical charting rule: Old price resistance, once it has been broken, becomes new price support.

Trade Strategy:

Buy back the short 50,000 lb. March feeder cattle contract and simultaneously sell short an April feeder cattle contract at the market-on-close on Friday, February 24th.  Also, sell the four 5,000 bushel March corn contracts and simultaneously buy four 5,000 bushel May corn contracts at the market-on-close on Friday, February 24th.  Risk the April-May feeder/corn (x4) spread to a two-day close above even money.


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