US Treasuries: One Out and One Down

Knocked Out

The IMC blog initiated short positions in the US yield curve at the beginning of March.  Thanks to the weaker-than-expected jobs report last week, one of the liquidation parameters were elected.

A short September T-bond/T-note spread was entered at the equivalent 31-14 on March 1st and liquidated at 35-20 on June 3rd.  This resulted in a loss of -$4,187.50 per spread.

Also, a short September T-note/5-Year note spread was entered at the equivalent 9-12.5 on March 1st.  The exit criterion is to bail on a two-consecutive day close above 10-06.  This hasn’t happened yet, but it’s gotten awfully close.  The spread hit 10-05 just last week!

Stretched Thin

Despite the fact that the T-bond/T-note spread was liquidated, it remains on our radar screen for another potential short sale.  The September spread posted a new contract high and is now just a tick away from the 36-00 mark.  This puts it right on the doorstep of the 2015 top at 36-14 and the February 2016 peak at 36-10.

T-bond T-note spread daily (nearest-futures)

T-bond T-note spread daily (nearest-futures)

However, the nearest-futures spread hit a new high of 37-12 today.  This is a bullish event for the spread.  Because of this potential breakout, we’re going to hang back a bit and see if the breakout is sustainable or not before we post any reentry parameters.  A two-day close back under the February high of 35-11 in the September spread could do the trick.  If something interesting develops, we’ll certainly have more to say.

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